Scary California freeway collision caught on camera

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One person was hospitalized following a unsafe apparent road-rage incident that was caught on video Wednesday in California, KTLA reports.

In the video, a motorcyclist kicks the driver side of a auto in the carpool lane. Then the car's driver over-corrected and impacted the barrier in a huge explosion of sparks, almost flipping the vehicle over as it careened into the center of the highway. According to the person who shot the video, it happened after the sedan inadvertently cut the motorcyclist off.

California Highway Patrol is investigating and says one or two people may have been taken to the hospital, but no information is now available on their conditions.

There have been no arrests in the incident.

After the collision, the motorcyclist continued driving southbound and did not stop Greengard said, adding that police are actively following leads that may reveal his or her identity. Tim Morrison and Chris Traber were on their way to work in Santa Clarita when they saw a auto cut off a motorcycle.

"Words went back and forth", he told KNBC.

Officer Josh Greengard told the news station that incident was "obviously" road rage.

The sedan then spun across three lanes and struck a white pickup that was flipped onto its roof (right) while the biker (far left) sped on. He was kicking the vehicle. "We got to get a statement from him and see what's going on".

Investigators are looking for the motorcyclist who took off from the scene.

The person who recorded the video turned the footage over to authorities.

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