Severe Cyclone Mora hits Bangladesh coast

300,000 evacuated as cyclone nears Bangladesh


These included the Rohingya refugees as well. Authorities in Chittagong district moved at least 350,000 Bangladeshis out of harm's way.

Cyclone Mora struck the island of Saint Martin and Teknaf in the coastal district of Cox's Bazar, where some 200,000 people were evacuated to shelters. Residents were seeking shelter in schools and other safe buildings in 17 coastal districts, Hashim said.

Flooding and mudslides have claimed the lives of at least 180 people and left almost half a million people displaced in southwestern Sri Lanka.

But there are fears for the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who are living in flimsy shanty homes after fleeing violence or persecution in neighbouring Myanmar.

Community leaders said there had been no attempt to evacuate undocumented Rohingya, although those with official refugee status were alerted about the dangers. In the coastal border district of Cox's Bazar, where the majority of the Rohingya in Bangladesh live, 17,000 houses were destroyed and 35,000 damaged, said Mohammad Ali Hossain, deputy commissioner in Cox's Bazar. As a result of this, approximately seventy five thousand Rohingyas fled away to Bangladesh.

Besides, 20,000 houses were damaged during the cyclone, said the DC adding that they could not yet assess the total losses in damages caused by the cyclone.

"The winds are strong and people there live in flimsy structures, so we're anxious".

As per Skymet Weather, Cyclone Mora had hit the coast between the Cox's Bazar and the port of Chittagong early at around 7.00 am today.

"So it's totally up to the government and aid agencies to help them take shelter somewhere, because they are in open air right now and the weather is still quite bad".

The storm is expected to weaken as it travels inland, although heavy rain is forecast for Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh states. "Some people were injured, but no one is dead". It has lashed down Sri Lanka also with heavy downpour and landslide in which 180 people died.

Past year also, the coastal areas of Bangladesh were badly stricken by the cyclone Roanu when more than 24 people died in the natural calamity. However, the administration has not yet released an exact account of the damage caused by Mora.

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