Toll from last week's Afghan bombing passes 150

Delegates attend a gathering of 23 nations the EU U.N. and NATO intended to discuss security and political issues in the country at the Presidential Palace in Kabul Afghanistan Tuesday

Toll from last week's Afghan bombing passes 150

The president made a strong plea for peace at an worldwide conference on Afghanistan attended by around two dozen countries, which was held under tight security as armoured vehicles patrolled the streets and fighter jets roared over the capital.

"We want to talk with the Taliban, but it is not an open-ended opportunity", Ghani said.

Islamist insurgents have been gaining ground in Afghanistan in recent years, but the government is trying to bring the largest such movement, the Taliban, to the peace table, the organizers of the conference told dpa.

Representatives of around twenty-five countries and organizations, including Pakistan, are attending the meeting, which aims to build worldwide support on ways to restore security in the country.

In the last two years, 11,000 foreign fighters have arrived in Afghanistan to fight for Islamic State, he said, while more than 75,000 Afghans have been killed or wounded in 2015 and 2016.

Coming back to the perception enigma Pakistan is faced with, let us delve into what is eating the nation from inside. "Terrorists can shed our blood but they cannot break our will", he said.

Ghani did not explain the dramatic jump, but Afghan authorities are well known for initially playing down casualty figures.

It is probably time for the Afghans to decide themselves if they want to be ruled again by the Taliban, and, if they don't, or if they want some sort of coalition in Kabul that includes the Taliban, to take appropriate action themselves to bring the fighting and bombings to an end, without North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the Americans. Apart from the Indian ambassador, other mission personnel also stay in the compound of the heavily guarded "India House", which is close to several embassies and NATO's "Resolute Support" headquarters.

According to Al Jazeera, the bomb was planted in a rickshaw that detonated on Tuesday afternoon near the Jam-e-Masjid, a mosque built in 12th century in Herat city, a senior spokesperson from Afghan security forces said.

The incident was followed by five more deaths two days later during clashes which broke out between protesters and police at a rally, demanding the resignations of President Ashraf Ghani and Government Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah over repeated security failures. The opposition, which now includes many from Mr Ghani's own ethnic group, the Pashtuns, is still fragmented in its demands but all politicians have rejected Mr Ghani's pleas to form an "inclusive government".

Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani, who heads the mainly ethnic Tajik Jamiat political group, also called for Atmar's dismissal on Monday.

A day later, at least seven more civilians were killed in three suicide bombings at a funeral of one of the young protesters - the son of an Afghan senator.

While Afghan governing partners are locked in political confrontation, the state intelligence agency (NDS) has accused the Haqqani network, a key Taliban ally, of plotting Wednesday's suicide bombing in cooperation with Pakistan's spy agency (ISI).

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