US grants Pa. a month extension under Real ID law

Gov. Jay Inslee signs a bill last month that seeks to bring Washington state into compliance with the federal REAL ID Act in Olympia. Washington state already offers enhanced driver’s licenses and IDs that require proof of U.S. citizenship and are alrea

US grants Pa. a month extension under Real ID law

The application was submitted in mid-April, after Oklahoma enacted the legislation necessary to bring the state into compliance.

However, Oklahoma passed a law in 2007 that said our state wouldn't comply with the REAL ID Act, citing concerns about how residents' information was stored.

The feds say Washington state's extension from the REAL ID Act requirements will expire July 10 - at least for now.

The Department of Homeland Security has given Pennsylvania a one month "grace period" of Tuesday's deadline for Real ID compliant drivers' licenses.

DHS has confirmed that REAL ID extension decisions are pending final review, and federal agencies have been advised to continue accepting driver licenses and identification cards through the grace period.

Even though lawmakers approved the bill, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety said that another extension would be needed. House added, "We've requested another extension for a few more months from Homeland Security". Those with the noncompliant licenses will need additional documentation - such as a passport, permanent resident card or military ID - to board domestic commercial flights and for other federal purposes, most likely starting in October 2020.

Under SB 133, no Pennsylvania resident will be required to get a REAL ID-compliant driver license or identification card, but residents who choose to do so will be able to use those forms of identification when the new federal requirements go into effect.

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