White House to stop taking questions related to Russian Federation probe

White House to stop taking questions related to Russian Federation probe

White House to stop taking questions related to Russian Federation probe

Sean Spicer isn't taking your questions.

Lewandowski did not say if he has been contacted by Trump or anyone on his staff about returning.

Spicer channeled his boss as he declared that Trump's speech to leaders of more than 50 Arab and Muslim nations "was a historic turning point that people will be talking about for years to come" and "was met with almost universal praise".

The freakish exchange at Wednesday's press briefing started out as a legitimate question, but it quickly devolved.

At Tuesday's briefing, Spicer finally just admitted what everyone knows Trump believes: "Ultimately, the best messenger is the president himself".

Spicer is also frustrated by the media's treatment of him, the sources said.

Members of the press then asked Spicer what Trump meant by the tweet, in particular wondering what "covfefe" means. He is particularly irked by the way the media interpreted his absence from Trump's visit with the Pope as the president snubbing him. He tweeted Wednesday denouncing the Russian Federation investigation as a "witch hunt". One question he simply didn't answer on the grounds that he didn't agree with its premise.

Washington officials have said that, beyond the role of White House Communications Director, "other staff changes might be expected in the coming weeks".

White House communications director Michael Dubke announced his resignation Tuesday, saying it had been an honor to serve Trump.

"I'm going to read you a list of White House officials who sometime speak for the Trump administration", the poll question asked. "When you have a communications team they have to have that relationship with the president to understand how he communicates because he is the greatest communicator that we've ever had".

Instead of answering questions from reporters on Trump's actions while serving in public office, the White House plans to deflect these inquiries to his personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz, who has worked for Trump for 15 years and was part of the Trump campaign's attempt to push back on reporting about Trump sexually harassing women.

"That makes it much more cohesive", he said.

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