Woman accused of leak ordered to remain jailed pending trial

Image Mugshot of Reality Winner

Mugshot of Reality Winner who is being held at Lincoln County Jail in Georgia. Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

The FBI says victor was working as a government contractor last month when she copied a classified intelligence report containing top-secret information and mailed it to a reporter.

"My client is innocent until proven guilty and we plan to enter a plea of not guilty", attorney Titus Nichols told NBC News Wednesday afternoon.

The indictment alleges that victor, a former Air Force linguist, leaked the confidential information in May 2017 while employed at private contractor Pluribus International. That material, presumably because of the timing of Winner's arrest, is an NSA report about efforts by Russian military intelligence to execute a cyberattack on an American election software company, as well as sending "spear-phishing" emails to local election officials, just before the presidential election.

She is being charged by the federal government for "removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet".

The Justice Department announced the case against victor about an hour after the Intercept published the document, a May 5 intelligence report from the NSA. She follows 50 twitter accounts, among them Edward Snowden and Wikileaks.

Solari argued that victor isn't the upstanding young woman her parents believe her to be.

In February, in the wake of Trump issuing his ban on travelers from several Muslim majority nations, she said: "the most risky entry to this country was the orange fascist we let into the white house".

If Winner's prosecution becomes "this big thing where we're not going to tolerate leakers", Winner-Davis said, her daughter won't receive a fair trial. "And she felt like she needed to give them what they were asking for at the time". She was a linguist who speaks Pashto, Farsi and Dari - languages widely spoken in Iran and Afghanistan.

Woman accused of leak ordered to remain jailed pending trial

Victor grew up in Kingsville, Texas, and enlisted in the Air Force after graduating from high school. She started at Pluribus in February.

Gary Davis said his stepdaughter isn't a flight risk. "But we do know she's very intelligent".

In the charged atmosphere in Washington, where an embattled Trump fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey last month and has demanded Russian Federation probe leakers be rooted out, some Republicans were quick to condemn victor.

Deputy White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders roundly denounced Winner's "treasonous acts".

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange also has weighed in, praising victor as a young woman "accused of courage in trying to help us know".

Solari said victor also confessed to her mother during a recorded jailhouse phone call, saying: "Mom, those documents".

"She's a young woman against the wall for talking to the press", he added.

Winner-Davis also denied she had any knowledge of her daughter's purported ties to alt-left groups.

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