Don't fall for it: Facebook hoax warns of hacker's friend request

Don't fall for it: Facebook hoax warns of hacker's friend request

Don't fall for it: Facebook hoax warns of hacker's friend request

Making the ominous warning even more viral, the message comes with a directive to let your friends know about the hacker because, the post says, if your friend accepts the nefarious request, you will be hacked, too.

As several British outlets first reported, there is no evidence of a user with the name Jayden K. Smith adding lots of friends. The message is sent via Facebook messenger with a warning of a hacker with that name having a system connected to your Facebook account.

The Facebook hoax message being sent out is as follows.

Hold your finger down on the message. They seem to get that it is a hoax, but are just laughing about it. Sue O'Connell said, "Trump announces new head of World Cyber Security Task Force: Jayden K. Smith". The issues is that you can't break into someone's account by simply becoming their friend.

Mass friend requests are also against Facebook's terms and conditions because of spam.

The hoax is a reminder on the importance of being cautious when accepting friend requests.

I'm sure these warnings are often shared with the best intentions, but if you truly care about your Facebook friends check the veracity of what you're sharing with a credible source *before* you share it. Ignoring multiple accounts, fakes, bots, etc. there's still an terrible lot of people who regularly access the social network, and not all of them are particularly tech-savvy - which could explain the latest incarnation of a viral message that's spreading on the platform.

Variants of the same message using the names Anwar Jitou, Tanner Dwyer and Bobby Roberts have also been circulated in the past, according to the Telegraph. Be careful who you accept as a friend because they can potentially see your personal information like address, date of birth or phone number.

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