New Gamescom Skins and PC Steam features REVEALED

New Gamescom Skins and PC Steam features REVEALED

New Gamescom Skins and PC Steam features REVEALED

The main part of the update is a long-awaited feature for the game, which is first person-only servers. Unfortunately, that looks like it will be pushed back, but only until August 3rd, according to a recent steam post in the community. They did provide some insight on how they were going to operate their crate system while mentioning that they will have three new crates available with content inspired by the movie Battle Royale.

Primarily this will be to solve a number of "complications with a client crash bug" and various other reported bugs that are causing issues for the game and servers over the past week. An FOV slider will also be coming to the game, as well as a brand new unnamed rifle. These items will come in the form of an in-game crate that you can buy for $2.50, which will include several themed items.

The Wanderer and Survivor Crates will be free to open, but contain only limited clothing options. "The third crate [.] will have the most diverse pool of themed clothing".

It's been the No.1 game on Twitch for a little while now and has sold more than six million copies in four months since its Early Access launch on March 23rd. The third is entitled the Gamescon Invitational in honor of their first offline invitational event. We will then return to the free-to-open system. To access the full array of possible cosmetics, players will need to open the Gamescom Invitational Crate, which will require the purchase of a special key for $2.50 United States dollars to open. "We will be inviting a group of the best BATTLEGROUNDS content creators, and run events each day for the duration of the convention." continued PLAYERUNKNOWN. Alternatively, they can use their Battle Points.

However, once Gamescom is complete, on August 27th, the Gamescom Invitational Crate will be no longer available and removed from the game.

Starting from August 3rd, Bluehole, giving players the ability to purchase vanity items in PUBG with the proceeds to be used as prizing for winners at the Gamescom PUBG Invitational and for charities of Bluehole's selection.

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