Republicans fail to repeal Obamacare in Senate

A still image from Senate TV shows Arizona Sen. Mc Cain speaking on the floor of the Senate after returning to Washington for a vote on healthcare reform

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"I encourage senators with healthcare ideas - whether Republicans, Democrats, or Independents - to bring their amendments to the floor", McConnell said on the floor.

Rather than a haphazard Senate vote-a-rama on health care, a sector that accounts for one-sixth of the US economy, Democrats suggested crafting legislation on a bipartisan basis in committee, with public hearings to vet ideas.

That leaves skinny repeal as one more option. Vice President Pence cast a tiebreaking vote in favor of further debate, but that only began another battle over what the bills will be.

With the defeat of the comprehensive replacement bill and the "clean" repeal bill, GOP leaders are now looking to pass a "skinny repeal" bill that would make limited changes to Obamacare.

If the skinny bill does pass, it would likely go to House and Senate negotiators to hash out a final agreement that both chambers would have to vote on.

Having covered the legislative battle over the Obama health law, many of those criticisms weren't entirely accurate - but the irony right now is that the GOP may be following a health care script in 2017 which mirrors many of their own complaints from 2009 and 2010.

Passing Friday's bill, he said, "moves the process forward".

"I'm willing to give them some flexibility of benefit design if they're willing to give us some security on these exchanges that Donald Trump won't unwind them", the CT senator said. "Obviously, cynically, we can imagine a lot of people act that way but in particular when you know the people it is kind of mind blowing to me that people campaigned to repeal Obamacare and now when they can vote for the exact same repeal they voted for in the past they will not do it because it has real world consequences". But none can pass without at least 50 votes. Instead, it fell 43-57.

Following Tuesday night's vote, however, the Cruz and Portman plans are certainly dead.

Not only will premiums go up, but repealing just the mandate and nothing else would leave some 15 million more Americans uninsured than if it it were left in place.

In total, more than 630,000 Nevadans are on Medicaid. Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, both centrists - voted against the measure. There is frustration among Americans as to why the Republicans can't come together and get this done.

That proposal would significantly gut the Affordable Care Act by repealing its unpopular individual and employer mandates, ending Medicaid expansion and rolling back a slew of the law's taxes, the CNN reported.

"Ultimately, we want to get legislation to finally end the failed Obamacare status quo through Congress and to the president's desk for his signature", Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Wednesday in a speech on the Senate floor.

Paul and other conservatives have led the push for a complete repeal of Obamacare. Rand Paul, R-Kty., was not expected to pass the upper chamber.

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