American tourist in Germany beaten for making Heil Hitler salure

Drunk US tourist beaten up after giving Nazi salute in Germany

Police took a dim view

The Associated Press is reporting that a "drunken American man" was summarily slugged for giving the Nazi salute in downtown Dresden, Germany.

The incident took place in the eastern German city of Dresden on Saturday morning, German media report, citing local police.

The American is now under investigation for violating Germany's blasphemy laws which are very strict when it comes to anything related to Nazi symbolism.

The unnamed 41-year-old American tourist was heavily intoxicated, according to police.

The man who punched the tourist fled the scene after the assault. His assailant ran away after the attack, and is wanted by police for causing bodily harm to his victim.

The American also had insignia of "unconstitutional organizations, which includes Nazi symbols", Deutsche Welle reported.

It is illegal to display symbols of Nazism in Germany.

The man could face up to three years in prison as punishment in Germany for expressing Nazi symbols, although courts typically settle on fines for a first offense. A week earlier, two tourists were arrested for taking photos of themselves in front of Berlin's Reichstag building while making the gesture.

But as one British paper pointed out, those who know the history of the Nazi salute should know not to do it.

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