Anna Paquin responds to BBC's viral clip

Anna Paquin responds to BBC's viral clip

Anna Paquin responds to BBC's viral clip

New Zealand actress Anna Paquin has claimed the breasts that were accidentally broadcast to millions of people on BBC News at Ten are hers.

A member of staff had been viewing an episode of True Blood at their desk.

The woman whose topless body was seen in the background of a BBC News at 10 broadcast earlier this week has spoken out - and it's none other than Hollywood star Anna Paquin.

Yes, Paquin was revealed as the owner of the mystery set of tatas, but far from being embarrassed, Paquin said the impromptu boob flash was "hilarious", writing on Twitter: 'My breasts!

Her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer also saw the amusing side asking his wife which of the show's many sex scene it was.

'Now that I know what you guys were talking about this some of the funniest s**t I have seen in a while! "Thanks for the giggle!"

Anna's husband Stephen Moyer, 47, who played Bill Compton in the hit HBO series, also said: "This is incredible and making me very happy".

Although said BBC employee's blushes have been spared a little, we wonder if they're still going to be in trouble anyway for watching True Blood during office hours?

We have always known the True Blood cast have a great sense of humor, and this proves it once and for all. "What's there to look into my t**s photobombed the news because someone was watching #trueblood in front of the camera".

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