Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Bosses "constantly monitoring" Sarah Harding after breakdown

Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Bosses

Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Bosses "constantly monitoring" Sarah Harding after breakdown

While Amelia laughed off Sarah's behaviour - calling her "playful" and "class" - viewers failed to see the amusing side.

When Sarah apologises, he admits: "I see myself in you, and I just got scared, it wasn't just me... it was all of us... so anyway, I'm sorry".

Adding that the procedure "replaces soft tissue whilst filling in wrinkles/skin folds", they added that they believe the former Girls Aloud singer "may have opted for more than the recommended measure as her cheeks have what is described as a 'feline look'". Being around girls all the time, it's hard sometimes.

But her abilities did not go unnoticed as viewers tweeted about how impressed they were with the performance.

'She really feels strongly that she won't trust or work with Sarah ever again - and that spells bad news for a potential Girls Aloud reunion.

'Cheryl's having a great time as a mum and is focused on that, but she's disappointed that her former bandmate will be hanging out with a person linked to her ex after their break-up, ' says our source.

Sarah's latest collapse comes after she admitted she didn't really talk to her former band mate Cheryl anymore.

As Jemma probed further, asking 'did you fall out?' an exasperated Sarah sighed: 'Everyone's asking that!

The Love Machine singers have been hit with "rift" claims for a long time, with Cheryl, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts being close while Sarah and Nadine Coyle has been left on the side-lines. I don't like talking about the other girls if it's a personal thing. And I don't know what Jemma's problem is.

'It's hurtful. I haven't got a thick skin and people don't realise that and when that all ended it was like, 'Where do I go from there?'

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight (2 August) at 9pm on Channel 5.

Not shying away, Sarah replied: "Yes I do, but I've been in a girl band and I don't like it".

She told OK! magazine: "I don't know what she's anxious about".

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