Chloe Ayling's kidnapping was no hoax, lawyer Francesco Pesce says

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media caption Chloe Ayling's lawyer says she thought the best thing to do was to be nice to her captor

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Chloe Ayling's lawyer says she thought the best thing to do was to be nice to her captor

"The girl said she tried to be very compliant with him (Herba)", Pesce added.

"I've been through a terrifying experience", she said.

Italian police seals are placed on the shut gate of the photo studio, where according to investigators, Lukasz Pawel Herba, a Polish citizen with British residency, kidnapped Ayling.

She reportedly told police she had developed a trusting relationship and even shared a bed with her kidnapper, but she said he had not sexually assaulted her.

Italian police said yesterday they still believed Ms Ayling and were continuing to investigate. "What Chloe told the police for 10 hours, it wasn't easy on her".

Ayling has told police the "terrifying experience" ended when her captor, who had threatened to hold her for ransom or advertise her as sex slave on the criminal "dark web", decided instead to drop her off at the British consulate in Milan.

Police say he tried to sell her online while also demanding a $300,000 ransom from her agent.

It comes as photographs showing a young blonde women, believed to be model Chloe Ayling, lying on a floor after allegedly being drugged and kidnapped were sent to British newspapers.

"Chloe seems to be strong, she's doing well considering what's happened to her", she said.

Upon her release, Herba handed Ayling a business card for the organization and asked her to provide them with positive publicity.

The model, who was kidnapped on July 11, was taken to the British Consulate four days later where she was freed and Herba arrested.

The model also mentioned that she was taken to the French border in a village called Borgial, Italy where she was handcuffed in a wooden chest inside a cottage bedroom.

The lawyer Ayling has while the case is under investigation - standard procedure in Italy - acknowledged Monday that aspects of the case seem weird.

"We're seeing this coming out of Europe, it's not really about women living in abject poverty, it can be anyone", she said.

She described her friend, who she has known since Chloe was 15, as a "good girl, a little bit naive".

She was wearing a pink leotard-type garment at the property near Turin where she was allegedly held hostage for up to six days.

Then Ayling revealed that she was asked to go to an apartment, where two men immediately attacked her upon her arrival and shoved her into a bag that was stuffed into a car's trunk.

The U.K.'s National Crime Agency said in a statement that they had been working closely with Italian authorities since the kidnapping was reported and that a house in the area of Oldbury, linked to Herba, had been searched on July 18 and computer equipment was seized and being examined.

"I've feared for my life, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour", Ms Ayling told reporters outside her mother's home in London, according to the Independent.

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