Cynthia Nixon has considered a career in politics

Cynthia Nixon has considered a career in politics

Cynthia Nixon has considered a career in politics

Cynthia Nixon addressed rumors that she is considering running for governor of NY on a "Today" show interview on Tuesday.

Nixon has been vocal in pushing for more equality in how NY spends more than $26 billion a year on its public schools, and she didn't reject a possible run for governor when asked on the show.

"New York exists for people all over the world, whether they've been there or not", she said.

On Tuesday, the 51-year-old actress and activist hinted at plans for a 2018 gubernatorial run, but stopped short of confirming her candidacy.

The Emmy Award-winning actress answered "I cannot" when "Today" show host Al Roker asked the actress if she would announce her bid. The actress also compared Cuomo to President Trump's secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, claiming that Cuomo's policies were dangerously close to those of DeVos, policies that would "shortchange" the children of NY state and the state's public schools.

However, when the 51-year-old attended the NY premiere of her latest movie The Only Living Boy in NY on Monday, she declined to comment on the reports.

A long-time public education activist, Nixon, as she has been in the past, was critical of Cuomo's handling of school aid for high-need districts, saying NY ranks 49th, behind only IL, when it comes to equable school funding.

"That gap now between our richest schools and our poorest schools is wider under Gov. Cuomo than it ever has been before, and that's got to stop", said Nixon, who campaigned for Mayor de Blasio in 2013.

"She's incredibly bright, and she understands that there is an opportunity for her to be a voice when others might not have that opportunity", Parker told the Times in the 2013 profile. She even helped crusade for Minnesota Democratic Sen. We had given her material on what I had done, but she really internalized it and put it together in her own way.

Democratic strategist and former DNC chief Donna Brazile echoes that sentiment, telling PEOPLE of Nixon's rumored run, "Cynthia will make a phenomenal candidate".

Furthermore, Nixon is a staunch advocate for LGBTQ rights, writing in a 2015 Variety op-ed about marriage equality, "We have to keep organizing like our lives depend on it".

On "Today", Nixon, who noted that she has three children who either attended or are in the state educational system, said New York New spends more per student than any other state, but most of those funds go to schools in the richest neighborhoods.

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