Fox Picks Up Singing Competition 'The Four'

Fox Picks Up Singing Competition 'The Four'

Fox Picks Up Singing Competition 'The Four'

Fox will counter its onetime powerhouse "American Idol" with a new singing contest, "The Four".

That's why it's so surprising that Fox cancelled the show previous year.

Fox executives didn't even make an effort to disguise their intentions, and when asked whether Fox hoped "The Four" would be used to "sabotage" ABC's "Idol", Fox Television Group chairman Dana Walden affected mock disbelief: "REALLY!?"

When it was implied that some might view the series as Fox's attempt to sabotage ABC's run of "American Idol", Walden jokingly deadpanned: "Really?" Each week, if any of the four are outperformed, they'll go home and the challengers will take their place.

The competition continues through the season finale, when the last four singers compete head-to-head to determine the victor.

"Our show begins where the others end", she said, with four finalists pre-selected from auditions by a panel of industry experts.

Slated for 2018, The Four will find a quartet of wannabes-after thousands of national auditions-who must compete against weekly challengers.

The show's prize: a career guided by the show's panel, which Fox indicated is likely to be drawn from music producers, songwriters and perhaps a pop star-mentor.

Fox is getting back into the singing competition game.

Contestant Sonika Vaid performs during a dress rehearsal for the final season of "American Idol" on Fox. "There will be a mixture of well-known names", Rob Wade, President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials at Fox Broadcasting Company, said of the panel, adding that the key is being "credible", "fantastic chemistry", and the right "marketing". "We're not developing it to just create some noise in the same space", she said. "The economics were awful", Walden said: It had grown too expensive, and when ratings plunged in its later years they no longer justified the lofty cost. "Perhaps it will live in a more anthological story franchise", Walden said. The new "Idol" then landed at ABC, which hired Katy Perry as a judge for $25 million for the first season.

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