French to Brigitte Macron: You're no first lady

Football Gaza team wins Palestine Cup despite Israeli restrictions

Football Gaza team wins Palestine Cup despite Israeli restrictions

The role of First Lady does not now exist in the French constitution, and any expenses the President's wife incurs are taken from the general budget for the Élysée.

French President Emmanuel Macron is pushing for mediation efforts in Venezuela and condemning violence amid the president's efforts to consolidate power through a new assembly.

According to BFMTV broadcaster, the charter will be presented to the public in the next few days and will clarify certain aspects of the position of Brigitte Macron, including the number of her employees and the cost of her activities to French taxpayers.

Emmanuel Macron's wife will not be given official First Lady status after almost 300,000 people signed a petition against the move, it has been reported.

France now doesn't have an official first lady. Neither country has ever had a female head of state.

She has a small security and secretarial staff paid for by the presidential budget, but she has no formal job title - like the partners of the British prime minister or German chancellor.

Thierry Paul Valette, the petition's creator, made an effort to distance it from personal attacks levied against Brigitte Macron. "We are looking to be transparent and to outline the means she has at her disposal".

Polls have shown Mr Macron's popularity has taken a hit in the three months since he has been France's president.

One poll published last week showed just 36 percent of respondents held a positive view of him.

Parliament will also issue a new law created to prevent MPs hiring family members as their assistants. "Having a role, a real status, a real capacity to act, yes", Macron said in March when asked about his vision for the future position on RTL radio. That's to say that she is at my side because it balances me.

"So the person who lives with you must have a role and be recognised in that role".

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