Game of Thrones capes are made out of IKEA rugs

Clapton also mentioned that the capes  rugs are waxed and frosted to best pair with the scene's landscape. As for the

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From Jaime and his gold plated suit of armour to Jon Snow's love of woolly robes, the residents of Westeros are brought to life by their fashion choices.

But there's a hidden secret behind those incredible costumes: and it's far less exotic than you'd ever believe. But weirdly enough, they weren't made from dire wolves. So she's basically saying the costume team went all Joanna Gaines and sanded, distressed and clipped those rugs like a five-year-old left alone with the family pet.

In the world of Game of Thrones, winter is always on the horizon and Jon Snow and the Night's Watch must dress accordingly.

In fact, with the budget for its most recent season coming in at more than $10 million per episode, it's among the most expensive television shows in history. Then you might want to look down at the floor.

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She noted that they have to cut the carpets down, shave them back and add leather straps before breaking them down so they look worn in.

In relation to a slide on the screen behind her, she said during a presentation at the Getty Museum: "These capes are actually IKEA rugs".

We can only begin to imagine how massive a job it must be to make costumes for Game of Thrones - the sheer number of locations alone means designers must work with a number of climates as well as different cultural influences.

"I want the audience to nearly smell the costumes", she added, though presumably she didn't mean the mix of Swedish pine and meatballs you get in an IKEA store.

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