ISIS Used eBay As Part Of Terror Network, Unsealed FBI Affidavit Shows

ISIS used bogus eBay deals to funnel money to an operative in the US, according to a report Thursday, quoted by NY Daily News.

"The alleged recipient of the funds was an American citizen in his early 30s who had been arrested more than a year ago in Maryland after a lengthy Federal Bureau of Investigation surveillance operation that found the first clues to the suspected network".

Investigators believe that the financial network had tentacles across the world, including in the United Kingdom and Syria, in a system controlled by Islamic State hacker Siful Sujan who was killed in an airstrike near Raqqa in December 2015. It also alleges that the network was directed by a now-dead senior ISIS leader in Syria named Siful Sujan. He is thought to have been connected with now-deceased ISIS operative Junaid Hussain, who similarly inspired would-be Jihadi's in the U.S. Sujan was killed in a U.S. drone strike in December 2015. It appears that he was in the process of setting up another branch of the British technology company he founded and used to operate the network in Turkey at the time of his death.

Elshinawy is now awaiting trial after pleading "not guilty" of support of terrorism, according to the newspaper.

Sujan used his global technology company headquartered in the fund ISIS operatives like Elshinawy.

Elshinawy allegedly took in $8,700 from ISIS.

An FBI affidavit reviewed by TheWSJ revealed a "global network" of ISIS schemes using online payment systems to funnel its finances to terror operatives.

As noted by WSJ, a spokesperson for eBay said the company has "zero tolerance" for criminal activity and is working with law enforcement on the case, while a spokesperson for PayPal said the platform "invests significant resources" to report suspicious payment across the globe.

Elshinawy allegedly used social media, multiple email accounts and a "pay as you go" cell phone purchased with a fake name and address to communicate with ISIS affiliates, including his friend.

Elshinawy faces charges with a combined maximum sentence of 43 years in prison, according to the Justice Department.

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