Jacksonville mother admits to killing 11-year-old, driving with body

Donath Plummer with daughter Kaye-lea

Jacksonville mother admits to killing 11-year-old, driving with body

A woman was arrested in Pocahontas County after the body of 11-year-old child was discovered following a minor auto crash.

Media reports from West Virginia said Newsome was on her way to Buffalo with the child's body Sunday morning when her vehicle struck a guard rail on Allegheny Mountain, a mile and a half west of the Virginia border.

A Florida mom has landed herself behind bars after witnesses discovered her dragging the body of her dead daughter into the woods and over a hill.

Since the auto accident, West Virginia investigators were able to confirm the 11-year-old girl was killed in Jacksonville and loaded into the vehicle.

"They just said she was found at the scene of an accident, but they don't believe my daughter died there", Plummer said.

Newsome drove some 700 miles with her daughter's body in the auto, and planned to drive all the way to Buffalo, New York where the girl's father lives.

Newsome was arrested and charged with concealment of a dead human being.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office detectives traveled to West Virginia on Monday, police said.

The 11-year-old child's mother, Erica Newsome of Jacksonville, Florida, lost control and wrecked the vehicle around 11 a.m. on Sunday, The Pocahontas Times said.

The West Virginia Highway Patrol reports that Newsome stated she had picked up her daughter, Kaye-lea Plummer, on Friday. The woman said she was heading for Buffalo, N.Y., where the child's father lives. They believe her mother, Erica Newsome killed her inside their Oceanway home. According to the Pocahontas Times, Newsome has already admitted to abusing and killing her daughter (but death by accident via guard rail). The crime scene was processed and foul play is suspected in the child's death.

"Some illness, some sickness that got into her- that's the only explanation I could think of because Erica didn't do that", Plummer said.

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