Kendall Jenner accused of not tipping bartender in viral Instagram post

Kendall Jenner called out for not leaving tip at NYC bar

Kendall Jenner accused of not tipping bartender in viral Instagram post

The Williamsburg bar Baby's All Right posted a photo of a $24 receipt bearing Kendall Jenner's name and a blank tip field. While it showed that the tab was signed and paid for, a tip was not noted on the receipt.

It appears Baby's All Right has since deleted the original Instagram post. There are many logical explanations as to why a millionaire like Kenny J wouldn't write down a tip: 1. she tipped cash, because you know that girl's got the dollars, or 2. the waiter was really rude.

Kendall, whose parents are Caitlyn and Kris Jenner, has been in the Big Apple for much of the summer season.

Kendall has spent the majority of the summer in NY alongside model pals Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid.

The bar received mixed reactions for the post, with some coming down on the model for her supposed stinginess.

"Ahahaha baby's out here exposing socialites", one wrote, while another added, "Smdh (shake my damn head) with all that money". I'm exhausted. Are you exhausted? With her life constantly in the spotlight, has she lost her privacy?

Some have blasted the star while others have jumped to her defense, slating the establishment for sharing her signature.

Between her tone deaf Pepsi commercial and appropriative t-shirt line, it's been a bad couple of months in the press for Kendall Jenner, but her latest "hiccup" looks like it's probably a misunderstanding.

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