Metro Pro-Buhari Supporters Storm Abuja

Security operatives watch protesters in Abuja

Metro Pro-Buhari Supporters Storm Abuja

It is not about a person, it is about the country; 'our mumu don do'. Where the police suspect that hoodlums are trying to hijack the protest, it is the duty of the police to apprehend the hoodlums and those who break the law rather than generalise and thus brutalise innocent protesters.

Oputa condemned the reaction of the police on Tuesday, recounting how protesters were attacked by anti-riot policemen with tear gas and water cannons. Initially, they tried to stop us from going further.

The rights of the people should not be violated by the police employed to protect these rights.

Abdullahi said the protest was meant to force the president to resign or terminate his medical vacation.

The spokesman for the pro-Buhari protesters stressed that the call for the sick president's resignation was mischievous, petty and unnecessary, adding that it was an attempt by agents of corruption to heat up the polity.

Again, the police yesterday allegedly used force to disperse the protesters in Abuja.

Some Nigerians have shut down Abuja, the nation's capital in support of the President Muahhamdu Buhari-led government.

Adeyanju also slammed the police and criticised those that have condemned the protests, saying that "posterity will be unkind" to them.

"The police should review their rules of engagement and ensure that they are in line with that of modern democratic societies".

Meanwhile, the Arewa Youth Forum (AYF) has accused northern governors and South West politicians of being responsible for the protest against Buhari.

The First Lady, Aisha Buhari travelled to London to meet the president on Sunday, August 6, ahead of what is considered to be his return.

"Don't wait for somebody to tell you A or B, go and read that constitution well, somewhere in the constitution, Section 114 says if the President is incapacitated, a medical panel will be set up to ascertain his health".

Gujungu accused the northern governors whom he said won election on the back of President Buhari's popularity as not doing enough.

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