Military Gets OK to Shoot Down Drones Over Bases

Krales  The Verge

Krales The Verge

The Pentagon has cleared USA military bases across the country to down drones if those drones become a hazard to flight operations or a security risk.

The number of uncrewed aircraft in United States skies has zoomed in recent years and continues to increase rapidly - along with concern among USA and private-sector officials that risky or even hostile drones could get too close to places like military bases, airports and sports stadiums. As reported by Military Times, the policy was first sent out in July, and though the exact contents are classified, it contains details on how to engage with drones when they are approaching or enter a military no-fly zone.

Last month, the U.S. Airforce requested to have the authority to take down drones. The Pentagon sent the services guidance on how to communicate its new rules to local communities on Friday. The military's engagement with drones "will depend upon the specific circumstances", he said.

In April of this year because of security threats, have been banned flights of nearly all unmanned aircraft has more than 133 USA military installations.

Big companies like Amazon and Google Google Inc use drones for delivery of goods ordered online.

He said that the actions taken by military officials at the bases to address a threat posed by a drone could include "incapacitating or destroying them".

Drones have rapidly grown in popularity in the United States, and the FAA in March estimated the market would grow from about 1.1 million small personal drones in 2016 to more than 3.5 million by 2021.

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