New federal report finds strong link between climate change, human activity

Trump stood up to facts when he pulled out of the Paris climate accord, and he'll do it again.

Scientists were seemingly so concerned that President Trump would refute a report detailing the effects of climate change on the USA, they leaked it to the New York Times.

Calling climate change a hoax created by China, Trump had recently said that, "the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make USA manufacturing non-competitive".

In an an interview last November with the New York Times Trump said there was "some connectivity" between human actions and climate change, but said he was unsure "if anybody is ever going to really know" for sure. The 545-page Climate Science Special Report was drafted by scientists from 13 government agencies, and is part of the congressionally mandated National Climate Assessment, which is issued every four years.

Interestingly enough, a former Environmental Protection Agency official warned Obama administration holdovers had quietly pushed the National Climate Assessment to "parrot an alarmist view of the "settled" science".

The report follows reports earlier on Monday that staffers at a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) office were told to avoid the term "climate change" in communications and use phrases like "weather extremes" instead. The findings are troubling, though they won't be surprising to anyone who's been following the dire warnings about the planet's looming inhabitability.

All in all, the draft climate report says it's "extremely likely" that "more than half of the global mean temperature increase since 1951 can be linked to human influence", TheNYT reported. Meteorologists have recorded increasingly warmer temperatures since the 1960s, and heat waves are now more common than streaks of stinging cold weather.

"To think that federal agency staff who report about the air, water and soil that sustains the health of our nation must conform their reporting with the Trump administration's anti-science rhetoric is appalling and unsafe for America and the greater global community", Meg Townsend, open government attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity, told the Guardian. Many scientists are looking at it as a test case of the administration's attitude toward science in general.

While the nations of the world are putting in their best efforts to reduce their carbon footprints in accordance with the Paris climate deal, climate change seems to be a red rag for the current American administration.

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