Pokemon Go: Legendary Birds Flying In This Week!

A new Pokemon Go countdown for Zapdos has begun

NIANTICA new Pokemon Go countdown for Zapdos has begun

Niantic Labs stated that all six Legendary Pokemon will make an appearance during this month. More on that later. The newest addition is Zapdos, which will be available from August 7th to August 14th.

One of the best parts of playing "Pokemon Go" is getting out and hunting the rarest of all Pokemon. Even if you do manage to come out victorious, there's no guarantee that you'll actually be able to catch Zapdos.

Remember that you don't want to use Blissey or Snorlax in these Battle Raids, because while these tanks can withstand the attacks, they don't deal enough damage to warrant giving them crucial spots in the squad. This enormous electric-type Pokemon is sure to be a tough competitor, so you'll need to set your line up strategically to take down the third legendary bird and snag a Zapdos for your Pokedex. With Zapdos, people had already done the maths. Zapdos will be reportedly much harder than Articuno but still easier than Lugia. Makes sense; it is a legendary, after all. Unlike Moltres, Zapdos has fewer weaknesses and gamers are advised to bring a lot of high-level Rock Type Pokemon and Ice-Type Pokemon to serve as a secondary line during the Raid. This means Team Instinct players will finally have their shot to catch the electric-type mascot, Zapdos.

Niantic has a new Legendary Bird flying around in Legendary Raids in Pokemon Go. Obviously, Team Mystic won and thus allowed their bird to be chosen.

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