Riz Ahmed in talks to join Spider-Man spin-off Venom

Riz Ahmed is in talks to join Tom Hardy in the upcoming Venom movie

Riz Ahmed in talks to join Spider-Man spin-off Venom

It looks like Venom is eyeing yet another A-list actor to join its ranks.

Riz Ahmed is now in talks to star in Sony's upcoming Venom movie.

Ruben Fleischer is directing the spinoff of the Spider-Man franchise, and Tom Hardy is attached to star.

Variety was the first to report on the Venom cast looking to recruit Riz Ahmed.

Those who have been following Ahmed's career over the past few years have had a front row seat to his meteoric rise to fame, which began in 2014 with his stellar turn in Nightcrawler; since then, his work in Rogue One, Jason Bourne, The Night Of and Girls hasn't gone unnoticed.

As for who Ahmed could be playing, the possibilities are endless.

See Riz Ahmed's latest POWER MOVE. Names like Norman Osbourne and even Kingpin have been tossed around.

Of course, there is also a chance Ahmed is being eyed for a heroic role. He originally sets out to destroy Spider-Man, but subsequently becomes an ally, and appears alongside many other Marvel Comics' characters.

The character Venom was previously portrayed by Topher Grace in May 2007 movie "Spider-Man 3", which featured Tobey Maguire as the titular superhero.

Given how different outlets have reported different things regarding Ahmed's potential casting and which character he may play in the Eddie Brock-focused sci-fi horror flick, nothing is concrete at the moment.

Throughout the history of Marvel Comics, Venom has appeared alongside Spider-Man, Iron Man, Deadpool, Hulk, and other Marvel Comics characters.

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