Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to come with 3D Touch

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to come with 3D Touch

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to come with 3D Touch

Apparently a standard Galaxy S8 in pink is on the way to some regions in eastern Europe. Roland Quandt recently tweeted that there may be a 256GB option, at least in South Korea.

The roadmap leaked in Korean and applies to South Korea, but it will likely also apply to the U.S. (due to the NY launch) and other regions as well.

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 8 with a variety of new features and top-of-the-line specifications, but one of these new features was first released by Apple for the iPhone 6s two years ago. New reports are suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could also be coming in with a force touch display as well.

Then again we have also seen Samsung do a simultaneous release in the major markets they operate in, so there is a chance that these dates could be what they say they are.

Samsung endured months of upsetting headlines after the batteries in the flagship Galaxy phone line began randomly catching fire or melting while charging. Consumers will be able to try out the Galaxy Note 8 between August 25 and August 31 by visiting Samsung retail stores or carrier network outlets.

Obviously we'll be bringing you plenty of coverage on launch day, and will let you know when Samsung actually confirms which day it will be. Coral blue aside, black, gray, and silver aren't exactly inspiring choices when it comes to phone color, so launching the rose pink model here could spice things up a bit.

As previously mentioned, we already know every vital information about Galaxy S8.

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