Toddler found dead inside van parked outside Florida day care

Toddler found dead inside van parked outside Florida day care

Toddler found dead inside van parked outside Florida day care

Orlando police said the received a call about possible child neglect at the Little Miracles Academy around 8:30 p.m. Monday.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina says that the child, identified as 3-year-old Miles Hill, was believed to have been inside the vehicle since 9 a.m.

The boy, believed to be around three years old, was found after Orlando Police received a call about a child being left in a van outside Little Miracles Academy on Monday around 8.30pm. He was pronounced dead a short time later, police said. They later determined that the child was deceased, an officer said during a press conference.

"This is an absolute tragedy that could have been prevented", he said.

The day care driver then returned to the initial day care center and didn't realize Myles was still in the van, police said.

'This is a bad tragedy and our thoughts are with the family of this little boy, ' police said in a statement. Mina said the day care worker admitted to not doing a headcount when the children were dropped off. Mina did not say what the potential charges could be. Orlando Police officials say they don't know how long the child was in the van.

Authorities are awaiting autopsy results, but police suspect the boy's death was heat-related, Mina said.

At least 31 other children in the USA, including four in Florida, have died after being left in hot cars this year, WKMG reports. 'I'm numb. I don't know how to feel'.

The police chief wouldn't say what charges the day care worker could face but says she has been cooperative.

Records from the Florida Department of Children and Families show the daycare was found to be in violation of transportation rules last month, WESH reported.

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