VERIFY: Was a pink dolphin spotted in Louisiana?

VERIFY: Was a pink dolphin spotted in Louisiana?

VERIFY: Was a pink dolphin spotted in Louisiana?

While spotting a pink dolphin seems about as rare as finding a unicorn, dolphins with pink coloring do exist.

Captain Erik Rue of Calcasieu Charter Service first spotted "Pinky" in 2007 in Calcasieu River's ship channel.

"Pinky" the Dolphin, the most popular albino ocean-dweller, has been spotted; and this time, she had some young and equally pink company.

"I about fell out the boat", Boudreaux said about the encounter. Now, people believe the second pink dolphin may actually be Pinky's baby. One jumping out of the water near her boat caught the attention of her and her husband.

Boudreaux says the pink dolphins were originally seen about 20 feet from their boat, and they were playing with other dolphins. "We watched them for awhile until that ship came and they went towards it".

Take a look at the video below for more information on this unusual dolphin sighting. "That's a pink dolphin'". Unfortunately, only one of the pink dolphins makes an appearance. "The dolphin's mother is not albino and has the gray coloring typical of coastal bottlenose dolphins".

A rare dolphin surfaced near Louisiana's Gulf Coast. "I'm telling you, it was an wonderful sighting to see".

So, it's not as rare as finding a unicorn, but laying eyes on a pink dolphin still pretty darn unusual!

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