Woman Gets Death Penalty for Murder of 10-Year-Old Cousin

Woman Gets Death Penalty for Murder of 10-Year-Old Cousin

Woman Gets Death Penalty for Murder of 10-Year-Old Cousin

Sammantha Allen is one of only many female death-row detainees in the United States.

There are only two other women on death row in Arizona, which is among the states struggling to buy execution drugs after pharmaceutical companies began blocking the use of their products in lethal injections.

Ame Deal was locked in the Barbie doll box as punishment for stealing an iceblock.

Sammantha Allen was convicted in late June of first-degree murder and child abuse in the death of Ame Deal, KSAZ reports.

Ame was forced to do backbends and run around in the 103 degree heat outside before being locked inside the box by the Allens. They later confessed to putting the girl in the box and padlocking it shut.

The bin only had small holes near the handles for air, according to prosecutors.

Authorities said her death was the culmination of a history of abuse Ame faced at the hands of her relatives.

After the incident, Allen said she thought her husband would let the girl out before going to bed.

Jurors outside the courtroom said they maintained an open mind throughout the penalty phase of the trial, but ultimately pointed to Allen's demeanor inside the courtroom as a major factor in their decision. The doomed woman's hubby, John Allen, will be tried for first-degree murder in the fall. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges. "The years of abuse that she suffered".

She also was kicked in the face, beaten with a wooden paddle and forcibly dunked after being thrown in a cold swimming pool, detectives testified. Deal lived with at least 10 adults and children in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in south Phoenix. They then fell asleep, AZ Central reported. Court records say that John Allen told investigators that he locked Ame in the box while his wife stood by.

Three other relatives are in prison serving time for abusing the youngster.

Allen's attorney argued the form of punishment was commonplace in the household and was done at the request of Deal's aunt, Cynthia Stoltzmann, her legal guardian.

Superior Court Judge Teresa Sanders sentenced Allen to an additional four consecutive sentences totaling 76 years for those crimes. Judith Deal was sentenced to 10 years for child abuse.

"So i think that was a pivotal moment for me", Keagh said.

"[John Allen] said he remembered times where [Ame] spent times in the box overnight and survived", Allen said during videotaped statements to Phoenix police. Arizona Department of Child Safety, then called Child Protective Services, had no prior contact with the family or with Ame.

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