Conversations are not the Solution to North Korea Problem

Conversations are not the Solution to North Korea Problem

Conversations are not the Solution to North Korea Problem

On Wednesday, the UNSC met in an emergency session to discuss Tuesday's launch and while it unanimously condemned North Korea's actions - no resolution was tabled.

He says the North Korean threat toward Guam is more about winning greater freedom of military action than about deterring flyovers of USA bombers or stopping the U.S. The B-1Bs were flown in from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam while the F-35Bs came from a US base in Iwakuni, Japan. North Korea threatened "thousands-fold" revenge on the U.S. after these sanctions were announced.

It is equally easy for the hopeful and the well-intentioned - and nations on the margin of events, such as China - to call for negotiations or believe that some form of dialogue will lead to conflict resolution and change North Korean behavior.

The dueling military displays open up the risk that things will get worse as each side seeks to show it won't be intimidated.

Japan, South Korea and the United States called for an emergency meeting of the Security Council after the North Korea's Monday launch.

The test launch had two primary objectives.

"North Korea's recent ballistic missile launch on August 29, which passed over Japan, was an outrageous provocation and posed an unprecedented, serious and grave threat to Japan's national security", the joint statement read.

"You can not start official talks about such an idea until Britain leaves the European Union", said Mr Osamu Tanaka, a senior economist at Daiichi Life Research Institute. "This complex mission clearly demonstrates our solidarity with our allies and underscores the broadening cooperation to defend against this common regional threat".

Conversations are not the Solution to North Korea Problem

Japan's Nikkei share average rose to two-week highs on Thursday morning after the dollar rose against the yen helped by bright USA economic data, lifting cyclical stocks such as automakers and financial companies.

The U.S. territory of Guam is home to key military bases and strategic long-range bombers that North Korea finds threatening.

Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Ren Guoqiang told reporters Thursday that all parties should exercise restraint and avoid words and actions that escalate tension. On Friday, however, he said he was cancelling the visit because of the situation in North Korea. Japan annexed Korea in 1910.

At a minimum, he will soon nuclearize the Korean Peninsula and be able to threaten all of Asia, or at least as far as Japan and Guam, with nuclear weapons.

"Song mentioned the issue while he was explaining the need to revise the bilateral ballistic missile guidelines and the need for USA deployment of strategic assets to offer extended deterrence to the South", he said.

North Korea's launch of a ballistic missile over Japan's northern island of Hokkaido had been the primary cause for a risk-on, risk-off mood across markets on Tuesday, triggering a drop in USA bond yields and dragging down the dollar index - which measures the greenback against a basket of six currencies - to a two-and-a-half year low.

"In response to this illegal action, Prime Minister (Shinzo) Abe and I had agreed to work together and with others in the worldwide community to strengthen pressure against North Korea including by increasing the pace of sanctions".

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