Gas prices have spiked 10 cents since Harvey hit

Gas prices have spiked 10 cents since Harvey hit

Gas prices have spiked 10 cents since Harvey hit

For perspective, pump prices are also well below the highest ever prices at the pump of $4.11 per gallon, which occurred in July 2008.

Valero's refineries in Corpus Christi and Three Rivers suffered damage, and it is unclear when they will reopen.

At this time a month ago, the average was $2.283 per gallon; a year ago it was $2.193.

Travelers hitting the road this Labor Day weekend may feel the effects of Hurricane Harvey at the gas pump.

At $2.25 per gallon, today's DE gas price average is up five cents overnight and up three cents over last week.

Officials say the immediate impact is due to a number of oil refineries closing down with Harvey making its way across the Gulf Coast.

Thirteen Gulf Coast refineries have been shut down or are in the process of shutting, while several others are operating at reduced rates, according to the most recent information from S&P Global Platts. Gas futures soared 6% on Wednesday after extreme flooding forced the shutdown of two Port Arthur refineries, including the largest one in the U.S. Roseville gas prices are up a few cents compared to last week with prices expected to push even higher. Modesto- $2.81/g, up 0.7 cents per gallon from last week's $2.80/g.

Storm Harvey may have been downgraded to a tropical depression but it's still expected to have an impact on gas prices for the unofficial end to summer.

In Houston, AAA pegged the average price at $2.19 a gallon Thursday, compared with $2.17 Wednesday and $2.08 a month ago.

"While construction may be suspended for the weekend, motorists are advised that equipment and temporary traffic configurations, like minor shifts, may remain in place, requiring motorists to adjust their speed and pay attention", Cranson said.

It's unclear when prices will be coming down as it all depends on when the refineries start working again after the flood cleanup.

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