Gen. Dunford: Transgender individuals should not be separated from service

Gen. Dunford: Transgender individuals should not be separated from service

Gen. Dunford: Transgender individuals should not be separated from service

"We watch that very carefully", he said.

While testifying at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing today (Tuesday), US General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff warned that North Korea is America's greatest threat and is very close to having nuclear capability and that the US needed to behave accordingly.

Despite escalating rhetoric between the USA and North Korea, Dunford said that there has been no change in the posture of North Korea's military forces.

Dunford also promised Sen.

Bellicose statements by Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in recent weeks have created fears that a miscalculation could lead to action with untold ramifications, particularly since Pyongyang conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on September 3.

Further asked by Reed whether Iran would step up its malign activities even more if the United States scraps the nuclear deal and stretch an already stressed US military thinner, Dunford said those activities always concern the military. On Monday, the United States announced a revised travel ban targeting citizens of North Korea, as well as those of many majority Muslim nations.

On Tuesday, when asked by the committee to assess that order now, Dunford said the sense of urgency points to North Korea being the immediate threat, with Russian Federation as the most sophisticated and long-term menace.

A long-term strategic security relationship with India is "critical" to ensuring freedom of navigation in the Indian Ocean, a top USA general told lawmakers today while calling for strengthening of defence ties between the two countries.

On North Korea's threat to test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean, he said it would be an "incredibly provocative thing" to do.

South Korean lawmaker Lee Cheol-uoo, briefed by the country's spy agency, said North Korea was bolstering its defenses by moving aircraft to its east coast and taking other measures after the flight of the US bombers. Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford's remarks come amid escalating rhetoric between President Donald Trump and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un, who has called his U.S. counterpart "deranged". But Dunford made clear to the senators that his advice to Secretary of Defense James Mattis was to retain any servicemember who can hold their own in the ranks.

"We haven't seen military activity that would be reflective of the charged political environment that we're seeing".

"It is the USA military's judgement that it is a matter of a "very short time" before North Korea is able to attack the US", a report quoted him saying.

"War on the peninsula will have no victor".

Last week, Pyongyang threatened to launch a nuclear strike against the US if it attacks the North, after US President Donald Trump threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if it attacks the US or its allies.

The United States and South Korea are technically still at war with North Korea after the 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce and not a peace treaty.

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