Hillary Clinton peddles fake news about Trump and Puerto Rico

The Latest San Juan mayor answers Trump's Twitter attack

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Carmen Yulin Cruz said on CNN: "This is a people-are-dying story". "If anybody out there is listening, we are dying".

Shipments of gasoline and diesel into Puerto Rico have resumed after Hurricane Maria, with ports restarting operations, though there were still long fuel lines around the island on Thursday, according to traders and Thomson Reuters tracking data.

"Ultimately the government of Puerto Rico will have to work with us to determine how this massive rebuilding effort - it will end up being one of the biggest ever - will be funded and organized, and what we will do with the tremendous amount of existing debt already on the island", said Trump.

Puerto Rico, he said, "was totally destroyed", and "10,000 Federal workers now on the island are doing a fantastic job".

On Saturday, Trump said he would visit with the first lady and hopefully be able to stop at the U.S. Virgin Islands, which has also been battered by both the hurricanes.

"We're one of the few restaurants that have a generator", said Daniela Santini, 19, who works there. "When you're drinking from a creek, it's not a good news story". "Yes, we have these medications", she tells me.

At least 10,000 containers of supplies - including food, water and medicine - were sitting Thursday at the San Juan port, waiting to be deployed throughout the United States territory. So, my call is to congressmen and congresswomen to take action quickly and conclusively with an aid package for Puerto Rico.

"It's a pretty big family", Carrasco said of the cousins, aunts and uncles still in Puerto Rico, passing the time by playing dominoes and cards, resting and cleaning the yard.

"If we can get at least potable water and cell phone communication, everyone can be a bit more relaxed and healthy, as well, because they wont run into a sanitation problem", she said. FEMA officials did say Thursday that they are working around the clock to get essential services and supplies to everyone.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (CNN) - As a doctor, the level of pain and suffering I've seen in Puerto Rico has been hard to accept. "Most businesses don't have electricity, only some have water".

"All appropriate departments of our government, from Homeland Security to Defense, are engaged fully in the disaster and the response and recovery effort", Mr Trump said before delivering a speech in Washington to the National Association of Manufacturers.

Eight days after Hurricane Maria made landfall, almost half the population still does not have access to potable water and huge numbers of people are struggling to get access to fuel to power generators, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

President Donald Trump vowed support for the ongoing relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico in somber remarks Friday.

"It affects more than Latinos", said Muzzio, whose Puerto Rican son-in-law hasn't been able to contact an aunt on the island. But they had to move resources to clear badly damaged ports, radar navigation systems and clear debris from roads before any of those supplies reached Puerto Rico.

He said about 50 per cent of the island's residents now have running water. She made another desperate appeal to Trump on Friday, asking him to step up the response efforts and figure out a way to deliver much-needed aid to struggling Puerto Ricans, despite logistical issues. In 2008, still affiliated with the party, she was elected to the House of Representatives in Puerto Rico.

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