Rex Tillerson visits China as North Koreans 'tire' of anti-US rallies

Rex Tillerson visits China as North Koreans 'tire' of anti-US rallies

Rex Tillerson visits China as North Koreans 'tire' of anti-US rallies

China is North Korea's main trading partner, making Beijing's cooperation essential to the success of sanctions aimed at stopping the North's pursuit of weapons technology.

North Korea and the USA have engaged in heated rhetoric in recent months but it was not previously known they had lines of communication.

It was the ninth Security Council sanctions resolution over North Korea's ballistic missile and nuclear programs since 2006.

"We are probing, so stay tuned", Tillerson told reporters in China. "We have a couple, three channels to Pyongyang. We're not in a dark situation", he added.

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Hailing the progress made in the US-China relation under the two Presidents, Tillerson said that the US values its relations with China and hopes to increase mutual trust and practical cooperation in various areas as well as to jointly tackle global and regional challenges.

Tillerson said the most important thing was to lower the temperature of the threats being exchanged in recent days between Kim and Trump.

China has urged North Korean companies operating on its territory to close their doors and leave, BBC News has reported. Trump has since played up his personal relationship with Xi, even while criticizing China over North Korea and trade.

The United States had pressed China to use its economic leverage to force North Korea into giving up its nuclear ambitions. "They're a little overheated right now, and I think we need to calm them down first". "I know President Trump is very much looking forward to the upcoming summit as is everyone on his team", the US Secretary of State told Yang.

US President Donald Trump will visit South Korea as part of a trip to Asia in November, the White House announced Friday.

Tillerson, whose arrival was delayed due to technical problems with his plane in Tokyo, was greeted by Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Great Hall of the People at Tiananmen Square.

At the State Department, Tillerson and other officials stressed that the United States was not seeking regime change in Pyongyang or taking any action to topple North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

When he was asked whether Trump would stop antagonizing the rogue nation by tweeting about Kim Jong Un, Tillerson reportedly replied, "It would help if North Korea stopped firing missiles".

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