Rugby Controversy Puts Macklemore's 'Same Love' #1 On Charts

Rugby Controversy Puts Macklemore's 'Same Love' #1 On Charts

Rugby Controversy Puts Macklemore's 'Same Love' #1 On Charts

"I am into free speech ... presumably two songs should be played, one for gay marriage and one against gay marriage, " he reportedly said, according to The Australian.

'What's the problem, ' he told the Nine Network on Friday.

Asked if Mr Abbott, who's spoken about the politicising of sport, is one of those angry white men, Mr Turnbull said: 'he's certainly a white dude and I guess it depends on his mood at the time'.

Despite calls from politician Tony Abbott to ban the song, because it "politicises" sport, it has climbed back up the Australian charts and is No.1 on iTunes.

'Well, Mr. Tony Abbott: Gay people exist, they will continue to exist, and I bet you some of them are rugby players and fans that are carrying unnecessary shame that you continue to perpetuate, ' she said.

Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who is in support of a "Yes" vote, told local morning Today program he "look (ed) forward" to the performance. Local media reported Dutton later said there could perhaps be two songs, one against same-sex marriage.

Mr Abbott's latest intervention into the same sex marriage debate was echoed by North Queensland MP Bob Katter on Thursday, who accused the NRL of using the decider to "promote their sexual proclivities". "Why do we bring in someone from overseas and a lot of his songs I have heard, you would not want to play them because of the lyrics?".

The Same Love song in question is now number one on iTunes, prompting Macklemore to tweet, 'Yesterday someone started a petition in Australia to ban me from playing Same Love at the #NRLGF.

Macklemore tweeted on Friday claiming, "Love is winning". I mean for heaven's sake, it's the halftime entertainment at the Grand Final.

Benjamin Haggerty, whose stage name is Macklemore, will be headlining the pre-game entertainment in Sydney on Sunday at the National Rugby League Grand Final, the Australian version of the Super Bowl.

"Sport is sport", he added.

Senior coalition figure George Brandis criticised Mr Abbott for his selective backing of free speech.

"It is one of his most popular songs, and for Mr Abbott or anyone else to say that it should be banned I think is a freaky thing to say".

Earlier this week, Mr Abbott's own daughter Frances Abbott appeared in an advert for the Yes campaign.

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