San Jose Sues President Trump over DACA Rollback

Steve King blasts Trump on immigration in series of tweets

San Jose Sues President Trump over DACA Rollback

Here's a point to remember if Congress does pass the necessary enabling legislation - President Trump will either sign the legislation into law or veto it.

The PBS program "Destination America" answers the why-did-they-come question with five reasons: freedom to worship, freedom from oppression, freedom from want, freedom from fear and freedom to create. A prominent Trump supporter in Pennsylvania, US representative Lou Barletta, an immigration hard-liner who cheered the president's Muslim travel ban and repeal of Daca, declined to criticize Trump on the issue on Thursday.

Mr. Shumate added that the government had set the deadline because some Republican state attorneys general had threatened to sue to end the program. Contact your members of Congress. Call on them to stand up for Dreamers.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said he was reassured by a tweet from the president that there is no deal - even as the president gave other signals later in the day. We're going to get massive border security as part of that.

"While the impact of the President's action may not be as big statistically in ME as it is in California, the threat to Maine's economy is real and the threat of sending hundreds of young people back to war torn countries they never knew is a threat to justice itself", said Mills, a Democrat who is running for governor in 2018.

"The No 1 reason I voted for him was for the immigration", a caller to Ms Ingraham's said.

"Those DACA recipients include public servants in our own City Hall, providing public safety and other critical services to our community".

DACA refers to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created by former President Barack Obama, which has extended temporary work permits and deportation protection to almost 800,000 younger immigrants brought to this country illegally as minors.

"So far, he's pretty much reversed his stance on immigration by keeping DACA and not building a real wall, intervened in the Middle East, sold weapons to the Saudis, stayed in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, stayed in NAFTA, and so much more that I could just go on and on about", the teen told BuzzFeed News. While the Department of Homeland Security is now not sharing information with ICE, given Trump's volatility on these issues, there is no assurance that this is a long-term policy.

As we think about our fellow New Yorkers, we must also remember that we should hold our elected officials accountable for clear stances and solutions to these important policy issues that affect our lives.

On Tuesday, Schumer told reporters, "We'd certainly look at border security that makes sense, border security that's effective".

Maria said her kids don't know she is a DACA recipient.

"Just like I have (had) for the past five years, anxiety", said Seven Flores, who has been shielded from deportation since 2013 under DACA. But he also said the border wall he pledged during the presidential campaign would "come later", infuriating some conservatives.

"The court's hope is to stay out of this and let the political branches resolve it, and it would appear that there is some progress being made in that regard", he said.

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