Spain asks North Korea to reduce diplomatic staff in Madrid

"When it has the capability to hit the USA, even Europe and at the very least Japan and China, with a nuclear weapon, the situation will be explosive".

The UN Security Council denounced Pyongyang's latest missile test, unanimously demanding a halt to its program.

A Chinese newspaper has launched a scathing attack on Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over comments he made regarding North Korea, and called Australia a "second class citizen of the West". It must be diplomatically active'.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Foreign Ministry published a note on its official website stating that Spain had "condemned the successive nuclear tests and the launching of ballistic missiles by the DPRK in violation of the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council".

'The problems in the region will only be solved via direct dialogue between all concerned parties, without preconditions, ' Putin said in a Kremlin statement, warning that 'threats, pressure and insulting and militant rhetoric are a dead end'. Russian Federation and China made certain that the UNSC, in the August 29 special meeting on the North Korean missile test, denounced the North Korean test but did not impose any new sanctions.

The launch came on the heels of two missile tests last month that appeared to bring much of the USA mainland within reach, prompting Trump to threaten Pyongyang with "fire and fury".

We see that North Korea aims tomorrow or the next day to have the rocket that can carry a nuclear warhead.

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday stressed that the Korean Peninsula should not be treated like a computer game, Reuters reported.

Anchor: Russia has called for a political and diplomatic solution to North Korea's latest provocations.

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