Trump Visits Irma Damaged Florida

Trump Visits Irma Damaged Florida

Trump Visits Irma Damaged Florida

There are 683 nursing homes in Florida with over 84,000 beds, according to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, which licenses and regulates these facilities.

A criminal investigation has been launched into the deaths of eight patients at a Florida nursing home in Irma's aftermath.

The storm's death toll grew to at least 33 people in Florida after a woman died of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator in Palm Beach County, the Palm Beach Post newspaper reported.

"The suspicion is that these deaths should not have occurred", NPR's Jon Hamilton reported from the scene Wednesday.

The home said in a statement that the hurricane had knocked out a transformer that powered the AC.

The city first "became [aware] a crisis was unfolding at the facility after multiple calls in the early morning hours" Wednesday, city spokesperson Raelin Storey said Thursday.

MIAMI (AP) - The manager of a Florida nursing home where eight people died following Hurricane Irma has a history of health-care fraud accusations.

According to the report on Wednesday from the Health Care Association of Florida, there are at least 150 out of 700 facilities by the nursing home around the State which were not having the full power supply.

The deaths are now under a criminal investigation with the police refusing to rule anything out.

Trump also said they are "way ahead of schedule" in restoring power back to parts of Florida.

Sharief said it was not immediately clear what caused the deaths at the nursing home, which is believed to have lost air conditioning after the storm. Then, police responded to a 911 call and found three people dead and others in struggling health.

This revelation added to the lingering questions surrounding the nursing home in Hollywood, Florida, and how things were able to deteriorate to such an extent that several patients died and more than 100 others were evacuated from the stifling facility to hospitals.

Trump also praised Florida's Republican Gov. Rick Scott, who supported his presidential campaign, and said Scott should run for the Senate when his second gubernatorial term ends in 2019.

Detailing the problems identified this week by the Agency for Health Care Administration, member station WLRN reports, "In its complaint, the healthcare agency said that on September 10 the rehab center 'became aware that its air conditioning equipment had ceased to operate effectively.'". Police are going to the 42 other assisted living facilities in the area to check on those other residents.

"Most of the patients have been treated for respiratory distress, dehydration, & heat- related issues", doctors said during a news conference.

Franco said he visited his 92-year-old father, Miguel Franco, and his mother at the nursing home the previous week.

The number of deaths blamed on Irma in Florida climbed to 13 with the carbon monoxide deaths, in addition to four in SC and two in Georgia.

Lawyers for the family of one of the victims are suing the facility, seeking the release of records in hopes of shedding light on what took place Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

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