Union Minister Alphons Kannanthanam justifies petrol price hike

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'Car or bike owners can afford costlier fuel': Union minister KJ Alphons justifies price hike

Further justifying the swollen fuel price, he went on to say it was nothing wrong to charge a higher amount to those filling fuel in their vehicle for the goal development. Therefore, he said, "We are going to tax people who can afford to pay".

The money that we receive from the high fuel price would be punched towards the development of the country, the Union Minister had stated on September 15.

Alphons said, "Who buys petrol?" The government is still fleecing people when crude prices have come down, he said. "So those who are using fuel have to cough up tax also", he said adding the tax being levied was reaching the public. We are here for the welfare of the lowest. "To make houses and toilets and to get electricity to every villages, it is going to cost enormous amount of money", he said. This is the problem with our Prime Minister that he is only an event manager and not a performer.

Congress leader and former petroleum minister Veerappa Moily called it an atrocious statement.

In the past few days, Petrol and diesel prices have hit an all time high in 3 years in some cities in the country.

His comments came at a time when fuel prices are at a three-year high when worldwide crude prices have crashed attracted strong criticism from opposition parties which described them as insensitive to the common man's problems.

The petrol and diesel prices have gone through the roof ever since the central government announced daily revision of fuel prices. The minister said the Centre would consider bringing petroleum and liquor under GST, if state governments agree to it.

Previously, Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari recalled that BJP termed the party an "economic terrorist" when they increased fuel prices.

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