VENEZUELA: Opposition Withdraws From Talks In Dominican Republic

VENEZUELA: Opposition Withdraws From Talks In Dominican Republic

VENEZUELA: Opposition Withdraws From Talks In Dominican Republic

"This corrupt regime destroyed a prosperous nation by imposing a failed ideology", Trump said of the socialist country.

In addition to Venezuela, North Korea and Chad were also added to the catalogue of blacklisted countries Sunday, while the ban on Sudan was lifted.

The addition of new countries to the extended USA travel ban, including Venezuela, is an act of "political and psychological terrorism", the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The United States has issued several rounds of sanctions against Venezuela, primarily in response to the creation of an all-powerful super body called the Constituent Assembly that was elected in a July vote the opposition labeled fraudulent.

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza spoke yesterday at a news conference at the United Nations.

He said his country is "looking for dialogue" with and channels to the Trump administration.

Venezuela's ban is much different from the other countries in the list as it only applies to government officials and their family members.

The US government, the foreign ministry said, "seeks to stigmatize our nation with the pretext of the fight against terrorism by including it on a list draw up unilaterally in which other states are accused of being alleged promoters of this awful scourge". "But, I insist, if they attack us in whatever area, we will respond strongly in defense of our homeland, of our people".

"These types of lists, it is worth underlining, are incompatible with global law and constitute in themselves a form of psychological and political terrorism", Venezuela's foreign ministry said.

US President Donald Trump announced that his government would include Venezuela in its notorious "travel ban" list Sunday, effectively barring a slew of Venezuelan government officials from US territory.

The Venezuelan opposition sent a delegation to meet the Dominican Republic's president this month to seek a solution to the country's deep political crisis.

Venezuela's inclusion in the list comes just a month after the Trump administration announced a string of economic sanctions against the South American country in August.

"Venezuela will always deal with the government of the United States with mutual respect", he said, "but as a free people we are prepared to defend our sovereignty, our independence, and our democracy under any scenario and in any way".

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