37000 users downloaded a fake Adblock Plus extension for Chrome

Fake Google Chrome Ad Block Plus extension

37000 users downloaded a fake Adblock Plus extension for Chrome

However, it's quite unusual that it got past Google's verification process, especially when considering that AdBlock is a well know service with over 10 million users and already has an extension in the Chrome Web Store.

The extension in question is AdBlock Plus, and its fake version was downloaded by over 37,000 users.

The extension looked like the real deal, so it's no wonder that it fooled so many people.

Discovered by a security researcher going by the pseudonym of SwiftOnSecurity, the extension [1, 2] had over 37,000 users at the time it was taken down late last night.

It appears that the "fraudulent developer" behind the fake extension managed to spoof the store's ranking algorithm by spamming the listing with keyword hashtags.

Adblock is a popular software that resides in a users' browser and blocks annoying ads making browsing experience much better.

The fake version of the app listed its developer as Adblock Plus - and boasted a considerable number of reviews.

It's not clear exactly what may have caused the fake extension to bypass Google's vetting process for the Chrome Web Store, and in addition, the company has yet to address the issue of how easy it is for fraudulent developers to pop up on the store pretending to be legitimate extensions.

Situations like this happen because the process of uploading extensions on the Chrome Web Store is automated and Google employees only intervene when the extension is reported.

While Microsoft doesn't have enough extensions for its browser, Google has too many unwanted ones. One such popular extension was mimicked by a phony extension, which was available on Chrome for download until now. Feel free to sound off in the comments section below if you have any thoughts!

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