Andromeda, Dead Space 3 and more are coming soon to EA Access

Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dead Space 3 Coming To The EA Access Vault

Mass Effect: Andromeda, Dead Space 3, New Play First Trials Coming Soon to EA Access

This is available until the end of the year and both platforms will receive free of charge the Mass Effect: Andromeda game. With the game coming to EA Access and Origin Access, subscribers can play the game for as long as they want from start to finish without having to pay the full price of the game. Bear in mind, Dead Space 3 will only be available for Xbox One's EA Access and not the PC's Origin Access.

If you were among the many who opted to skip out on Mass Effect: Andromeda following its poor reception among consumers, then you'll soon have a chance to see firsthand what the fuss was all about. It is unknown the exact date and what the content will include. As mentioned before, the game was poorly received among many straight out of the gate (we liked it, at least!), with detractors pointing to the game's poor structure and facial animations.

EA also announced that Access members can try out Star Wars Battlefront 2 early as part of their "Play First Trials". Both probes will become available before the official release, and Need for Speed: Payback will be possible to ski up to 10 hours. No matter how you feel about EA, those are games worth playing for just $5. Both Play First Trial eligible games launch in November, with Star Wars Battlefront 2 launching Nov. 17 and Need for Speed: Payback releasing on Nov. 10. Dead Space 3 originally released in 2013 and concluded the action-horror space series.

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