Barcelona Play In An Empty Stadium After Attempted Independence Vote

Guardiola urged the Spanish government to give Catalonia a legal vote on independence, and said: 'Why don't we learn from the British who have had many more centuries of democracy than us.

At least 844 people were evacuated to hospitals following clashes with the Catalan police during Sunday's controversial independence referendum.

But the Spanish government in Madrid argues such a vote is illegal on its face based on the 1978 Spanish Constitution, which calls for the "indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation". Many citizens had camped out at unsanctioned polling places overnight, daring police to evict them. Catalan leaders, on the other hand, slammed police for initiating the violence.

Earlier, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said that the rule of law had prevailed in Catalonia.

The police have arrested the high-ranking officials of Catalonia involved in organizing the referendum.In the past few days, authorities blocked the use of a voting location app and seized vote-counting software, CNN reported.

The Manchester City coach also urged the Spanish to learn from the British and allow Catalonia to vote. But the independence push has evolved into an existential struggle that has outlasted the country's economic struggles. They broke one woman's fingers.

The regional government says more than 840 people received medical attention yesterday after riot police moved in on polling stations as Catalans tried to vote in the referendum, defying a ban by Madrid.

Videos and photos making the rounds on social media show police officers violently beating and dragging peaceful protesters out of polling places, at one point even apparently hurling voters down a flight of stairs.

Rajoy praised the Spanish police, saying they acted with "firmness and serenity" in response to the referendum.

A total of 465 people were attended to at hospitals and health centres, a spokeswoman for the Catalan government's health department said.

Although polls show a minority-some 40 percent-of Catalans support independence from Spain, the majority do support a referendum on the issue.

According to the press, the extra officers are to back the Catalan regional police, who are under orders to prevent the staging of the referendum.

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