Beware of Health Issues with Halloween Costumes

Be on the lookout for head lice lurking in Halloween costumes

Your Kid's Halloween Costume Is Probably Teeming With Head Lice

"It's really just more of a nuisance", said Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Cherie Sexton.

Medical officials are sounding the alarm that head lice may become a disgusting nuisance for many children and adults who are trying on Halloween costumes.

Scratching your head trying to find the ideal Halloween costume?

"Some of the Halloween costumes are going to have more wear, but we make sure nothing has any bugs on it".

Of all the creepy crawlers around during Halloween, there's one you probably haven't thought of - head lice. But think about how many people tried them on before you?

Never try on a mask in a store without wearing a bathing cap over your hair.

Shopper Jaclyn Willman was grossed out when told about the potential for lice in masks and costumes.

A lot of parents sat they didn't realize how easily head lice can spread when trying on a mask, wig or hat. The tiny pest can only last for 48 hours without oxygen.

Put your new costume into a tightly sealed bag for at least 48 hours before wearing it to kill off any lice that may be on it. Putting any dryer-friendly costumes in the dryer on high heat for 45 minutes will also get rid of the critters.

If you act fast or guard against it well, your trick or treater can have fun and not bring home more than just candy.

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