Bigg Boss Contestant Filed Complaint Against Host

Bigg Boss Contestant Filed Complaint Against Host

Bigg Boss Contestant Filed Complaint Against Host

One of the famous contestants on the controversial reality TV show left the Bigg Boss house, as he commands, after a heated discussion with Bollywood Star Salman Khan who hosts the show, on Sunday. Even the panelists agreed that I was doing well. They misused my name and my identity to gain ratings. There's a saint inside the house, Shivani ji, nobody came to her rescue when she was disrespected. "Even if you come along (with) a bodyguard that would also do".

Before Bigg Boss, it was promulgated that Zubair Khan is linked to Haseena Parkar (who died in 2014), gangland don Dawood Ibrahim's sister. According to, Zubair revealed his contract details which clearly showed how much moolah was offered to him by the makers.

Zubair, in his complaint, alleged that Salman, while threatening him on the show, had said, "I will make you a dog", the police said, as per a report in PTI. And during the Weekend Ka Vaar when Salman confronted him, Zubair apologised for his behaviour and claimed that he's trying to change.

In an interview with The Indian Express, he revealed that "As soon as I was out, Colors called me and asked me to get back on the show".

At present, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, self-proclaimed godwoman, Sshivani Durga and Sapna Choudhary are all nominated for elimination except for Jyoti Kumari who has got the majority of votes from contestants and now it is upon the padosis to decide on eviction nominations. You go to YouTube and write Salman Khan giving gaali in public, you'll find videos. "They were calling me back". Zubair has accused Salman of threatening him on the national television. 6 years ago, I gave a clarification that I am not from the underworld family. These guys are only showing "gaalis" and they were not showing the original things in the show. "I said too. But they were edited".

While the contestants were asked to ignore the Bollywood stars, they were all gifted weird items. If I wanted to take advantage of Dawood's name then why would I live with my mother! He added, "I would have gotten Rs 25,000 every week".

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor was further seen spending some candid, cheerful moments with Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty as they played word games, took a couple of selfies and laughed on jokes.

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