Chance The Rapper Livestreams Police Stop


Chance the Rapper live streamed a recent police stop in case it got “out of hand.”

Grammy Award-winner Chance the Rapper livestreamed a traffic stop Sunday to his almost 7 million Instagram followers in case things went "sideways". "Should be good though. Should be straight", he says, adding that he has "great faith in humanity and the men and women that put on the badge-but you know, you can't be too careful".

"See, I knew he was a good dude", Chance said. State Police said Corley was stopped for a moving violation; she was issued a warning. "I don't have any problems with the men and women that put on the badge".

Starting on Tuesday, October 10th, Lyft has announced that riders in the Chicago metropolitan area will be given the option to round up their fare as a donation to Chicago Public Schools via Chance the Rapper's new Arts & Literature fund. The three of them were returning from church when an officer made a decision to pull them over during a traffic stop.

In an interview with Billboard past year, Chance said, "There's a larger conversation we need to have about the role of police officers, their relationship to the people as enemy or executioner, when they're not supposed to be either". "I ain't got no [gun] in the vehicle, no drugs in the auto".

"Shoutout to WorldStar, who's just tuning in, cause y'all can definitely help me if it goes sideways".

Corley receives a warning, at which point she and Chance thank the officer.

The hashtag is used by activists calling on Chicago's leaders to stop their plans for a $95 million police and fire training academy.

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