China defends Pakistan against criticism by India, US

Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson

Pakistan has always been trying to convey a basic fact to the United States that it has done what was in its power and now it is time for the other side to do more to take care of interests of Pakistan but the message has not been understood mainly because of lame-duck stand adopted by previous governments in similar situations.

United States Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, on Wednesday affirmed that India and USA remain "natural allies", adding that Washington D.C. stands shoulder to shoulder with New Delhi against terror. Tillerson started talks with Indian leaders after his arrival in India and is expected to highlight the strong alliance between the two nations, with both anxious to counter China's growing influence. "As these terrorist organizations have enlarged their numbers and have enlarged their strength and their capability within Pakistan's borders, this can lead to a threat to Pakistan's own stability".

Tilerson, who arrived in India on Tuesday after a lukewarm reception in Islamabad, said the United States was concerned that many extremist groups were finding sanctuaries inside Pakistan and launching attacks on other countries.

Tilerson came to visit Pakistan on Tuesday after months of accusations of US President Donald Trump to Islamabad harboring "elements sow chaos" and can attack the forces of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Afghanistan and neighboring countries. Tillerson did express his appreciation to Pakistan officials for the sacrifices it has made in fighting militancy, and for its help in securing the release of a US-Canadian family held captive by the Taliban for five years.

"Pakistan has made positive efforts for counter-terrorism and made great sacrifices", Geng added, saying that China "believes the global community should recognise efforts made by Pakistan on counter-terrorism". Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said that Trump's strategy for the region hinged on Pakistan eradicating militant havens on its territory.

Tilerson also met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India.

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