Chinese women detained at South Korean airport after plastic surgery

Passport news South Korea plastic surgery airport

ASIAWIREPassport news The women had travelled to South Korea from China to have their procedures

Three Chinese women have been stranded in a South Korean airport after their plastic surgery has left them unrecognisable.


One onlooker, Chinese TV presenter Jian Huahua, posted a photo of the women to her Weibo social media account and joked that even their mothers would be unable to recognise them.

They showed officials their tickets and travel documents but still could not prove they were the same people in their passport photos.

The Post references Asia Wire, which released a viral image of the women on Monday that was like over 51,000 times and shared over 23,000 times. According to The Hindustan Times, it has the most plastic surgeries per capita on earth, with over 980,000 recorded operations in 2014.

As a result of the surgery, they looked nothing like their passport pictures and were not allowed to fly home.

The New Yorker reported the majority of people going under the knife in the country are women in their late-teens and early twenties hoping to enhance their facial features. They had to be detained and questioned by immigration authorities.

South Korea is also a popular destination for travelers seeking to alter their appearance.

Desperate to get home as soon as possible, those three went to the airport while still having the bandages on their swollen faces.

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