Eating banana and avocado daily cuts risk of heart attack

Eating banana and avocado daily cuts risk of heart attack

Eating banana and avocado daily cuts risk of heart attack

"The findings have important translational potential", said co-author Professor Paul Sanders, "since they demonstrate the benefit of adequate potassium supplementation on prevention of vascular calcification in atherosclerosis-prone mice, and the adverse effect of low potassium intake".

Specialists conducted experiments on rats, which had a cardiovascular disease caused by food high in fat content. Portions rodents gave different, someone less, someone more. Dr Mike Knapton, from the British Heart Foundation, said, "The study in mice showed that not eating enough potassium leads to the hardening of arteries".

Researchers fed mice varying levels of potassium and examined their arteries, and found that the mice on a reduced potassium diet were more likely to develop hardened arteries and experience aortal stiffness. It seems the potassium in these foods preserves the health of the arteries, as it keeps them from hardening or from calcifying. Such genes also help in maintaining the flexibility of artery. While mice given high potassium diet experienced less artery hardening. In addition, It will be also helpful in preventing such problems, according to the researchers.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, killing around in the country every year. However, they think they are promising as potassium is associated with several human diseases. Then, these were split into three groups.

The findings, if applicable in humans, suggest that consuming avocados, bananas and tomatoes - all rich in potassium - may help protect against arterial stiffness.

The vital mineral - which spuds, broccoli and sprouts are also rich in - was found to aid blood flow to the heart and brain and reduce the risk of clots, reports The Sun.

Also, the team found that low potassium triggers the calcium-activated cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB), which increases autophagy - an intracellular degradation process - in cells. Previous research by several labs including Chen's group has shown that calcification of vascular smooth muscle cells resembles the differentiation of bone cells, which leads to the transformation of smooth muscle cells into bone-like cells.

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