Facebook's Oculus Event Unveils New Standalone VR Gear

Facebook's Oculus Event Unveils New Standalone VR Gear

Facebook's Oculus Event Unveils New Standalone VR Gear

At its annual developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg hit the stage to unveil the Oculus Go.

Today at the Oculus Connect 4 event, Facebook detailed two new virtual reality headsets. Not only does this make VR more intuitive and convenient, it also lets you multitask like never before-a huge plus for creators and developers who use VR while they work. The lighter and more comfortable Oculus Go could entice more people to at least try the new technology for the first time, but until compelling content with high-end graphics are available for the platform, VR remains unlikely to force itself into the mainstream. This lightweight, wireless gadget comes with WQHD LCD screen and spatial audio. Oculus Go will arrive with a $199 price point in 2018, a fully standalone system.

The company announced a permanent price cut on Rift and Touch combo, dropping the same to $399 in the US. The new prototype-stage VR headset is relatively sleeker, and offers six-degrees-of-freedom for motion control. It's also £200 cheaper than the HTC Vive. At the developer conference, the company launched Oculus for Business which will allow companies buy the Oculus Rift bundles in bulk and be able to avail enterprise-grade warranties. Blade Runner 2049 series' second installment will be released, while Echo Arena will get more gameplay modes as Echo Combat was also announced. "With Oculus for Business, more people will get the chance to try VR and experience the magic first-hand". It looks like a sci-fi movie-like interface with windows floats in the air.

While this is a standalone product, Facebook shared that content created for the Gear VR apps are binary compatible. With this app, the company plans to bring a more immersive experience to the users and compete with other apps of similar nature.

The reverse is also possible, with users able to take 3D objects from their News Feed into Spaces.

Apart from its new VR headset, Oculus also showcased a new development into its Project Santa Cruz VR headset that was first showed off past year. Now, It has two motion controllers that can detect the hand presence without the use of any external tracking hardware. Arguably more important than owning your own transport, smartphones have meant that many in business are always accessible and on-call, communication lines and access to Internet services are usually always available, and the idea of not having a mobile phone in the West is seen as peculiar unless you are a minor. Don't forget to share your views and feedback.

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